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The Issues That Matter

Public Education

Demetrus advocates for an inclusive education system, aiming to secure increased state funds for public schools. Committed to eliminating educational inequalities, Demetrus prioritizes fair and equal distribution of resources, ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn and thrive regardless of zip code.


Demetrus advocates for equal healthcare access, addressing gaps in coverage for hardworking Tennesseans. Committed to expanding Medicaid, Demetrus will fight to ensure everyone has access to life-saving care, eliminating the difficult choice between medication and essentials like groceries.

Criminal Justice Reform

Demetrus envisions an equitable criminal justice, prioritizing rehabilitation over punishment. Advocating for sentencing reform and alternatives to imprisonment, she will address systemic issues, fight to end mass incarceration, and strive for fairness. Her vision for criminal justice reform in Tennessee has an emphasis on accountability recognizing the inherent dignity in every individual, fostering positive change and rehabilitation

Social Justice


Demetrus social justice reform policy prioritizes civil liberties, fostering economic development, ensuring affordable housing, and safeguarding democracy locally and statewide. Demetrus will advocate for progressive policies that protect individual rights, promote inclusive economic growth, address housing affordability, and strengthen our democratic institutions. Together, we can work towards a more just and equitable Tennessee for all. 

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