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At Your Service

It is my honor and privilege to serve as your Chattanooga District 9 Councilwoman. It’s been a long road to get here, and I don’t take my responsibilities lightly. I knew I had to be the change I wanted to see in the world, and that’s why I ran for public office. But just because I won the race, doesn’t mean that the journey is over. It’s just beginning. It's my promise to you to work hard every day to help build a better Chattanooga and a better future for ALL of us. We can do better TOGETHER.

The Issues

A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Proven leadership, a consistent voice, and a compassionate heart for District 9

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Economic Development

  •  Strengthen access to job placement programs 

  • Invest in Carta to provide better transportation, not only for residents but tourists

  • Ensure new developments have affordable housing options

  • Partner with community organizations to provide resources for small businesses

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Criminal Justice Reform

  • Invest in community programs to provide job training along with educational and mentoring opportunities

  • Work with community organizations to help non-violent offenders detained pre-trial

  • Work aggressively with the newly created Chattanooga Police Oversight Committee to ensure the integrity of our law-enforcement community 

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Early Childhood Education

  • Continue to invest in head-start programs

  • Make an investment to modernize our Youth and Family Development centers to provide children access to technology and academic extra-curricular activities in their neighborhoods

  • Invest in non-traditional community organizations to give children greater access to educational resources

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COVID-19 Recovery

  • Re-invest in successful small businesses

  • Promote & encourage COVID-19 vaccines 

  • Strengthen our job placement programs 

  • Invest in marketing campaigns to promote tourism in an effort re-stimulate our local economy. 

Your Voice Matters

What concerns would you like addressed by the Chattanooga City Council?

Thanks for your feedback!

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