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Criminal Justice

Reform & Consulting

Our goal is to help formerly incarcerated people transition to lives of success and fulfillment.  The cycle of criminal behavior is difficult to break.  Re-Wake offers a holistic approach to address a host of issues.  We focus on mindfulness and provide assistance with work preparedness, soft skills, life skills, art, and music therapy.


Never Going Back (NGB)


Cognitive Restructuring


Employment & Occupational Services


Fitness Training, Yoga, Chess

Justice Scale

Core Values

Selflessly embrace all with love & hope


Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of honesty & transparency


Treat all people with respect, kindness, and compassion


Advocate for increased assistance, fair treatment, and equitable laws for returning citizens

Social Justice

Practice resilience through adversity


Provide formerly incarcerated people with various essentials for community reintegration and public safety



A Second Chance

Crime affects everyone.  With nearly one in three adults in the United States having some sort of criminal conviction, odds are you know somebody who has been convicted of a crime or suffered as a result of someone else's offense.  In 2008, I was a scared returning citizen.  There were no resources available to assist with re-entry into society after prison.  I found myself alone.  Re-wake was birth from lived experience.  We focus on the whole family to break mental incarceration.

Holding Hands

Zig Ziglar

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

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