Economic Development

District 9 is one of the most diverse communities that is nestled in the heart of Chattanooga making it a convenient place to live. It is also home to some very historic neighborhoods and tourist destinations, making it a desirable community. We must ensure we have a strategic approach to economic development in our community that both encourages growth, but also maintains the vibrant culture and history that has existed in this community for so many generations. 

  • Work to strengthen access to job placement programs to residents in our community.

  • Invest in Carta to provide better transportation, not only to residents looking to get to work who live in our community, but also tourist looking to come to our community to view historic sites and land-markers. 

  • Ensure new housing developments coming into our community provide affordable options to the residents currently living here.

  • Continue to partner with community organizations that help small business owners and provide resources to individuals looking to open a business in our community.