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a new vision for Tennessee


About Demetrus

Principled. Proven. Progressive.

Demetrus is proud to hold the title of Chattanooga Councilwoman, but the most important titles she has are Mom and Grandmother.  As the oldest of four children, she grew up in a working-class family in East Chattanooga. She has risen from humble beginnings, including a felony conviction, to live a purposeful life of service in a city she's proud to call home. 

Demetrus is running for Tennessee House 28 to give everyone, regardless of zip code or what they look like, representation on the issues that matter. It's time for a new voice in Nashville, someone who understands the struggles of the people in this district and will fight for them in the Capitol- someone who will stand alongside others fighting for equitable opportunities for all. Demetrus is that person, and she hopes you'll join her on this journey to become your next State Representative.

The Issues that Matter

Chattanooga is a city made special by everyday people— families, children, teachers, nurses, veterans, union workers. Yet far too many have been overlooked or forgotten by those entrusted with representing us. Demetrus is focused on the issues impacting Chattanoogans and all Tennesseans and bettering the lives of everyone.

Public Education

Every child, no matter where they live,  should have the freedom to learn with an education that prepares them for the future. But some politicians are trying to reduce education funds and deny certain schools the resources they need. Demetrus will work to increase state funds allocated to our public schools and to ensure Hamilton County schools receive a fair and equal distribution of state funding to eliminate the inequalities that we see.


Everyone deserves equal access to high-quality healthcare.  Unfortunately, many hard working Tennesseans do not have access to employer-based health coverage and the state legislature has failed to expand MedicaidDemetrus will fight to increase access to health care for our residents to ensure that no Tennessean goes without the life-saving care they deserve, because no one should have to choose between spending money on medication or spending it on groceries. 

Criminal Justice Reform

It is time we foster a criminal justice system that is equitable,  just, and focused on rehabilitation. Demetrus advocates for measures that address systemic issues, including sentencing reform, ending mass incarceration, and promoting alternatives to imprisonment for nonviolent offenses. Demetrus strives to create a criminal justice system that emphasizes fairness, accountability, and the rehabilitation of individuals, recognizing the inherent dignity and potential for change in every person.


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